The Cottonwood Club was grown out of necessity. Our founder, Dalton C. Brink, moved to Bozeman from Memphis, TN in 2008. While he recognized that Bozeman had a vibrant art scene, he soon realized that a gallery catering to work outside of the typical western motif was needed. Growing up with punk rock and outside artists' DIY spaces, places where those seeking refuge from the ideas and propaganda of the mainstream media, he decided that Bozeman was ripe for a similar space, where all were welcome and could express themselves judged solely on the merit of their works and not their sexual orientation, political leanings, or religious observances. The first incarnation of the The Cottonwood Club began in a derelict warehouse lacking running water and toilets at the corner of Plum St. and Cottonwood St. on the northeast side of Bozeman butting up against the railroad tracks. As is tradition with pop-up DIY venues, the Cottonwood Club got its name from the street it was located on. Bring Your Own Art shows began as a way to allow anyone and everyone to participate in the space. People showed. It actually worked. But after only a few months, the space changed ownership and The Cottonwood Club lost its physicality, though not for long. Only a few short months later, a dilapidated basement of an old granary came to Dalton's attention, and after negotiations with the owner and several months of cleaning, running electricity, water, lighting, and other projects, the new Cottonwood Club opened its doors to the public and has been hosting, presenting, and enlightening ever since. 

In January 2016, The Cottonwood Club acquired the space adjacent to the gallery and we're currently working on renovations for low-rent studio spaces. We look forward to a bright future. Join us. 

The Cottonwood Club...where art, creativity, and the imagination live.  




213 S. Wallace Basement





(901) 219-0717