BOOMA PRESENTS: The Tarot. April 23.

Join us at the Cottonwood Club on April 23 for a re-telling of the ancient stories of the tarot. This project, like our previous projects, is a meeting of text and image in which both visual artists and writers are asked to be inspired by each other's work. This time however, instead of collaborating on a pass-project, we used the stories of the tarot as the jumping off place to create new ones. 

Back in January I randomly pulled a tarot card for each of the 22 visual artists in our group. They were asked to re-invent, re-image the card they were assigned. Their only parameter was that each piece needed to be 2ft across and 3ft high, thus mimicking the shape of actual cards.

I then randomly pulled a tarot card for each of the 22 writers. The newly interpreted tarot cards were transferred to the writers and they were asked to sit with these art works to conjure a character. (Yes, conjure. There must be something magical about that moment of inspiration, eh?) Perhaps a person they know, a ficitional character, maybe an aspect of themsleves? Or maybe an animal, mythological or otherwise? This is not about art critique or interpretation. This is an inquiry into the way we can be surprised by our own minds. The only parameter for the writers was the 350 word limitation.

When you come visit our show on the 23rd, you will see the 22 new tarot cards and their 22 corresponding stories. 

$5 suggested donation. 

Our artists inlcude:
Gwen Strachan
Brian White
Jesse Albrecht
Jenna Lenz
Kris Hill
Muriel Condon
Jay Schmidt
Morena Garcia
Jennifer Pulchinski
Jackie Rainford
Katrina Hamilton
Mindy Visser
Russ Fry
Kirsten Kainz
Dan Armstrong
Karin Neff
Deborah Reilly
Jifa Wind
Ben Moore
Yogesh Simpson
Margaret Stewart
Dayna Allen

Our writers include:
Julia Browne
Jenny Montgomery
Vic Caretti
Jessica Rounds
Robbie Gammack
Earl Craig
Sarah Grigg
Brad Van Wert
Kris King
Kent Davis
Corinne Garcia
Dalton Brink
Kim McKeehan
Jason Bowers
Beth Pfaff
Rebecca Kahan
Chris Bangs
Weston Pew
Miles Strachan
Zoe Eaton