Hospital Ships, The Dan Ryan, Hallelujah - September 9, 2016

HOSPITAL SHIPS: Imagine a time traveler gone awry, stuck in a blur of ages, watching the world live, die and cycle endlessly with only the sounds of Sigur Ros and The Flaming Lips to keep him company. This is the sensation of Crave’s latest track premiere, the latest offering from Hospital Ships in anticipation of their new LP The Past Is Not a Flood. 

The Kansas-based project is driven by nucleus Jordan Geiger - he of a kaleidoscope of projects including Shearwater, The Appleseed Cast, and Des Ark. Geiger has teamed up with longtime collaborator Thor Harris of Swans for this collection, produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse, etc) and due out March 11 on Graveface.

"You and I" is the sound of anxious energy to me," Jordan tells Crave. "It's a little sing-songy, a little bittersweet, and fully repetitious. The original demo of this idea was put down on my Grandma's piano in North Lawrence, Kansas a few years ago. The basic tracks (piano, dulcimer, vibraphone, electric piano, upright bass) were all tracked live in a beautiful wood-paneled room at Halversonics in Austin. Thor Harris' contribution to this track was two takes of pounding on the largest marimba I've ever seen, one that he built and which lives at the studio. This is my current favorite song to play live because, within the limitation of such strict limitation, the song can go lots of interesting places." 
Watch them at NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

THE DAN RYAN: If you’re from the Chicago area, you may be familiar with the Dan Ryan Expressway. Funny, the way that a highway can be named to honor a person, but in turn that person’s name can become more synonymous with the cement and paint of the road than as associated with the actual person. Welp, time to add one more way in which the estate of ol’ Dan Ryan is no longer in control of his name: Nathan Dixey, a member of the band Hospital Ships, has taken it for his side-project—The Dan Ryan—whose debut LP is out next month on Cosmic Dreamer.

As you might’ve heard already on the track “Fleeting,” the new project is related to the gentle psychedelia of the Hospital Ships, but is perhaps a bit more open-ended and jam-oriented. We’re pleased to be premiering “Tidewater Rain Love,” a new track from the upcoming self-titled album, which feels like a downstream float through a rainbow river. Grab something floating by and hang on.

Dixey had this to say of the track:

“Tidewater Rain Love” is a song I wrote after touring France with my friend Jordan Geiger’s group Hospital Ships and later traveling to California with my girlfriend. At that time, I felt a great sense of liberation; a shift in perspective from weathering a great storm to opening myself up to new people and places, ideas, and feelings. A liberation and sense of limitlessness emerged from those trips.
Listen here:


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