The Cottonwood Club, a 501 c3 nonprofit for the arts based in Bozeman, Montana, formed in 2010 as a DIY underground art venue. We hold the belief that the arts benefit everyone, people of any age, race, social class, and education. It is our mission to facilitate and encourage artists, both professional and emerging, by providing a gallery space where artistic expression can be freely realized. The Cottonwood Club curates and hosts art shows, film screenings, music, performance, and more. Taking no commissions on works sold, we rely solely on the support of the community we so faithfully serve. By bridging the local community with the university and out-of- state artists and teachers, we bring an alternative art education to the residents and visitors of Bozeman. Whether it's through art shows, music shows, poetry readings, storytelling, film premieres, or workshops, we strive to reduce bureaucracy and pretentiousness in the realm of creation and presentation.

The Cottonwood Club...where art, creativity, and the imagination live.